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Cabernet Franc Premier Les Palins & Grand Cru - Brin d’Amour

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Informations produit

Cabernet Franc Premier Les Palins

75 cl - 13.5% vol.

Producer: Grillette Domaine de Cressier

Origin: Neuchâtel | Switzerland

Grape variety: Cabernet Franc

Tasting notes

It has a brilliant, deep garnet red color.

Harmonious balance between the aromas of smallfruits with a beautiful presence of strawberries and red currants. Very ampleand well-structured with fine and well-structured tannins, the red fruit aromasexpress in the mouth a beautiful richness and its very particular character. It will be completed by a long and persistent finish.

Grand Cru - Brin d'Amour

Artisan Chocolatier: Mon Chocolatier | ClaudePérisset

Origin: Estavayer-le-Lac | Switzerland


Soft Venezuelan ganache 49% with wild flower honey.

Chemin d'Amont 29
CH - 1783 Pensier

Conception: Asphalte Design