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Pinot Noir de Mur & Grand Cru - Douce enfance

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Pinot Noir de Mur

75 cl - 13% vol.

Producer: Domaine de la Bourgeoisie de Morat |Cru de l'Hôpital

Origin: Fribourg | Switzerland

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Tasting notes

The vines that produce this Pinot Noir are planted on a lens that is more clayey than the average Vully soil. Worked bio dynamicallyand vinified in cru parcels, this terroir gives slow ripening grapes whichremain in the vineyard until the last day of the harvest. The result is a verytypical wine, whose complexity and richness are increased. Maturing in barrelsof increasing age allows the fruit of the wine to open up without any significant aromatic contribution. Also, a geing for a year gives it time tomature well.

Grand Cru - Sweet childhood

Artisan Chocolatier: Mon Chocolatier | Claude Périsset

Origin: Estavayer-le-Lac | Switzerland


Milky ganache from Dominican Republic 42% flavored with vanilla from Madagascar.

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